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We at MOEV have a product for multiple markets. Whether you need a state of the art EV charger for the workplace, a fleet, Multi-User Dwellings, or even a Microgrid (VBESS), we have a product for you.


for the NEWgrid

Market Types



For your workplace, MOEV offers our optimized workplace charging solution, complete with MOEV’s Quad 2.4TM charger, enabling four vehicles to charge on a single 240 Volt circuit, as well as reducing install costs.


We offer the charger together with our MOEV CloudTM software, with its robust algorithms and AI, along with our MOCBoxTM for monitoring 3rd-party EV chargers, all of which allows MOEV system enhanced workplace microgrids with the ability to avoid high "time-of-use" electricity prices and to avoid "demand charges."


Fleet systems have specific needs based on the mission of your fleet. MOEV provides a flexible solution to ensure that the vehicles are always charged and ready with a minimum of expense. You can now tune your EV charging network to optimize performance across several goals: reduce CO2, avoid demand charges, charge at lowest cost, and support utility demand response signals, as examples.



MOEV's tech allows management of microgrid elements (EVSE smart charging, storage and optional solar) and presents an interface to the grid suitable for demand response utilization. It can also be configured to support EV fast chargers, and to avoid demand charge expense that can disrupt a business model. MOEV's system can be retrofitted to installed assets, and provides a software that controls your Virtual Battery Energy Storage System (VBESS)

Multi-User Dwelling

MOEV has a turn-key solution for you in multi-user-dwellings who desire, deserve, and must be served, by EV charging. MOEV’s system addresses significant issues for apartment managers and homeowners’ associations, such as reducing the cost of installation, and recovery of electricity cost by flexible charging management.

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