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Transit Bus Fleets, School Bus Fleets, Last mile delivery Truck Fleets, First mile delivery Truck Fleets

Your needs as a fleet operator are specific based on your mission. MOEV uses data from your operations and by applying machine learning, we provide a flexible solution to ensure that your vehicles are always charged thereby reducing your stress, and ready with a minimum of expense. Our software helps you manage your dispatch operations in real time so as to optimize performance across several goals: reduce stress from range anxiety and unreliable charging, help improve utilization of electric vehicles in your fleet mix by matching predicted mileage against block needs, minimize demand charges so as to charge at lowest cost, improve yard management with chargers and vehicles, and improve battery life.  


Our target markets are transit bus fleets, school bus fleets, and delivery truck and van fleets.  Given the trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill signed in Washington, we are expecting tens of billions of dollars of funding in transit and school bus fleets as well as port-operated drayage fleets such as those in ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. The truck and van fleets for delivery are funded privately by the likes of Amazon, UPS and FedEx as electrification advances their sustainability goals, enables them to satisfy the increasingly tighter emissions regulations in the US and worldwide, and provides savings on fuel cost.

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