MOEV at UCLA Mobility Panel

At a recent mobility panel convened by the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management, MOEV’s Michael Boehm offered insights into MOEV technology, which was born out of licensed intellectual property from the UCLA School of Engineering’s Smart Grid Energy Research Center. MOEV’s electric vehicle charger, the Quad 2.4 TM, charges four EVs on a single circuit. The company’s MOCBox TM monitors  and controls third-party EV chargers. MOEV’s Control TM dashboard features AI and machine learning that allows for EV charging site hosts to manage smart energy grid interactions of their electric vehicle support equipment.


MOEV Inc. Brings Smart EV Charging to LA Cleantech Incubator

Smart EV charging company MOEV (pronounced “move”) Inc. is a start-up “portfolio company” rooted in the fertile entrepreneurial soil at the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) in the city’s Arts District, where MOEV’s smart EV charging solution for workplaces and fleets has been installed in the parking lot.
Los Angeles, CA, November 12, 2018 –(– In the solar-panel-shaded parking lot of the LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI), MOEV’s smart EV charging solution for workplaces and fleets is now operational. There, MOEV Inc. has installed its 2.4 TM quad EV charger, which takes one electrical circuit (operating on a 40 Amp breaker) and divides it among four EVs or PHEVs at a rate appropriate for their states-of-charge and amount of time a driver will be at the workplace.
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