Dr. Rajit Gadh, Scientific Advisor, is a professor of engineering with over 200 publications. He is the co-founder of one startup and advisor to a few others, and has raised over $20M in funding for R&D and technology development.

Mr. Michael Boehm, VP of Business Development and Partnerships, was the executive director of the E4 Advanced Transportation Center. He has 25 years of experience in Customer Interfacing and Engineering, including as a partner at Haig Barrett Consulting, and with LADWP, Reliant Energy, Toyota, and Aerovironment.

He was also Vice President Strategy, for Proximetry, a wireless provider for smart grids, as well as Chief Software Architect for Viewsonic Product Development for $80M Advanced Products Group. Additionally, he was CTO of, where he built system that sold $100M worth of vehicles in one year.


Dr. Peter Chu, Lead System Architect, has his PhD
in Engineering, along with 15+ years of technology and product development and leading teams. He's an expert on electric vehicles, storage and microgrids, as well as being the co-founder of a mobile multimedia startup.

Mr. Li Qiu, Software Developer, received a masters in computer science, then spent over 15 years as the co-founder of a startup in the point-of-sale space, and as a systems architect.

Dr. Ching-Yen Chung, Hardware Engineer, has a PhD in Engineering, along with ten plus years of hardware and embedded systems experience. He has worked as senior engineer for a major hardware manufacturer

Rick Sikes, Expert, EV Fleet and Municipal Partnerships, was previously, Fleet Superintendent for the City of Santa Monica, California. He has over 25 years of fleet management experience on a wide variety of equipment and alternative fuel vehicles and is committed to helping the city to meet its goal of a clean fuel fleet

Dr. Himanshu Pota, Technical Expert, Grid Controls, Optimization & Management, has over 400 technical publications, and global expertise in technology, having worked across three continents

Jeremy Snyder, Strategic Advisor, is Tesla's former

Head of Global Business Development. Acting on his passions for manufacturing, the environment and the automotive industry, serial entrepreneur Jeremy Snyder joined a small team of less than 100 visionaries at Tesla in 2008. In the early years, Jeremy was tasked with creating Tesla’s go-to-market strategy, defining Tesla’s customer experience, and opening Tesla’s first stores. After growing the business on the west coast to over 1 billion in annual sales by 2014, Jeremy was tasked with doing the same on the east coast. Once there, he recognized that a lack of charging infrastructure was stifling sales.  After he took an aggressive approach to installing superchargers across the region, Tesla sales from Florida through Boston tripled in just 18 months.  Jeremy then transitioned to head strategic partnerships and influencer engagement for the company. He was an integral member of the Tesla leadership team, having significant impact on growing the business, while driving the transition from a small, scrappy start up into a complex organization with over 40,000 employees worldwide.


Kristian Jokkinen, Project Manager, Product Quality, was a process and quality engineer at Nissan, then was the cleantech attaché for the Finnish Consulate in Los Angeles.

Dean Adams Curtis, Senior Manager, Communications & Training, was previously the operations manager of the UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center. Additionally, he previously was an instructor and designer of online and classroom courses for the UCLA Extension Global Sustainability Certificate Program. Before that, he supervised a technical operations center transmitting television programming via satellites and worldwide fiber paths for France Telecom. His career has also included varied operations, information technology, and communications positions within the entertainment and aerospace industries.

Jennifer Bredell, Project Manager, Operations & Social Networking, was previously a project manager for the Advanced Sustainability Institute, working on the electrification of the Port of Long Beach. She has a sustainability certificate from the UCLA Extension Global Sustainability Certificate Program. In addition, she earned a Master of Law degree in Sweden, and has experience in immigration, social security, and tax law

Francis Cruz, Software Development, holds an undergraduate degree in computer programming from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Andrew Kwang, Software Development, is working on his undergraduate degree in computer programming from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Smart Charging for EVs:

  • Smart EV Charging
  • Solar Integration
  • Energy Storage Integration
  • Distributed Energy Resource Integration
  • Demand Response Capability
  • Customizable benefits for EV charger site host
  • Cloud-based A.I. and machine learning to improve charging of EVs
  • Customizable App benefits EV drivers

MOEV (pronounced "Move") Inc. is an EV charger and cloud-based energy management software provider. MOEV is a startup spun-out of technology developed at UCLA.  Installation of the MOEV "multiplexer" chargers, which charge four EVs using a single electrical circuit, has already taken place at the LA Cleantech Incubator, where additional MOEV chargers are now being installed. MOEV's EV chargers are controlled by MOEV cloud-based A.I. and machine-leaning software, with a convenient and well-tested app for EV drivers to use to initiate, check, and end charging. MOEV's EV chargers are thus ideal for workplaces, parking structures, and multi-unit dwellings, i.e. apartment buildings and condos.

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