Cloud Technology Enables:


Dr. Rajit Gadh, Scientific Advisor

  • Professor of Engineering with over 200 publications
  • Co-founder of one startup and advisor to a few others
  • Raised over $20M in funding for R&D and technology development

Mr. Michael Boehm, VP of Business Development and Partnerships

  • Executive Director E4 Advanced Transportation Center
  • 25 years of experience in Customer Interfacing and Engineering:
  1. Partner, Haig Barrett: Consulting w/ LADWP, Reliant Energy, Toyota, Aerovironment
  2. Vice President Strategy, Proximetry: Wireless provider for Smart grid
  3. Chief Software Architect: Viewsonic, Product development for $80m Advanced Products Group 
  4. CTO, Built system that sold $100m of vehicles in one year 


Dr. Peter Chu, Lead Systems Engineer

  • PhD in Engineering
  • 15+ years of technology and product development and leading teams
  • Expert on Electric Vehicles, Storage and Microgrids
  • Co-founder of a startup in mobile multimedia space

Mr. Li Qiu, Software Developer

  • Masters in Computer Science
  • 15+ years experience
  • Co-founder of a startup in point-of-sale space
  • Systems architect for multiple provincial operational systems in Asia

Dr. Ching-Yen Chung, Hardware Engineer

  • PhD in Engineering
  • 10+ years hardware and embedded systems experience
  • Worked as senior engineer in major hardware manufacturer

Rick Sikes, Expert, EV Fleet and Municipal Partnerships

  • Previously, Fleet Superintendent for the City of Santa Monica, California.
  • Over 25 years of fleet management experience on a wide variety of equipment and alternative fuel vehicles and is committed to helping the City meet its goal of a clean fuel fleet

Dr. Hemanshu Pota, Technical Expert, Grid Controls, Optimization & Management

  • Over 400 Technical publications
  • Global expertise in technology having worked across three continents


Kristian Jokkinen, Project Manager, Product Quality

  • Process and Quality Engineer, Nissan
  • Cleantech Attaché, Finnish Consulate - LA

Dean Adams Curtis, Senior Manager, Communications & Training

  • Previously, Operations Manager, UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center
  • Previously, Instructor/Course Designer, UCLA Extension
  • Technical Operations Center Supervisor, France Telecom

Jennifer Bredell, Project Manager, Operations & Social Networking

  • ​​Project Manager, Advanced Sustainability Institute, Port of Long Beach Electrification.
  • Sustainability Certificate, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Master of Law, Sweden, experienced in immigration, social security, and tax law

Andrew Kwang, Software Development

Smart Charging for EVs:

  • Customizable benefits for EV charger site host
  • Cloud-based A.I. and machine learning to improve charging of EVs
  • Customizable App benefits EV drivers

MOEV (pronounced "Move") Inc. is an EV charger and cloud-based energy management software provider. MOEV is a startup spun-out of technology developed at UCLA.  Installation of the MOEV "multiplexer" chargers, which charge four EVs using a single electrical circuit, has already taken place at the LA Cleantech Incubator, where additional MOEV chargers are now being installed. MOEV's EV chargers are controlled by MOEV cloud-based A.I. and machine-leaning software, with a convenient and well-tested app for EV drivers to use to initiate, check, and end charging. MOEV's EV chargers are thus ideal for workplaces, parking structures, and multi-unit dwellings, i.e. apartment buildings and condos.

Who We Are

  • Smart EV Charging
  • Solar Integration
  • Energy Storage Integration
  • Distributed Energy Resource Integration
  • Demand Response Capability