Multi-User Dwelling

Fleet systems have specific needs based on the fleet mission. MOEV provides a flexible solution to ensure that the vehicles are always charged and ready with a minimum of expense. You can now tune your EV charging network to optimize performance across a number of goals: reduce CO2, avoid demand charges, charge at lowest cost and support utility Demand Response signals are some examples.

MOEV Inc., (MOEV) has developed a solution for Multi-User-Dwelling charging. Our system addresses some of the most significant issues for apartment managers and HOAs, such as cost of installation, ongoing operating cost of electricity, and flexible management for cost recovery. We can provide a retrofit solution for existing chargers installed (MOEV Cloud TM plus X.4TM) or new installations (Cloud plus 2.4TM). A smartphone app allows the user to authenticate and enter charging preferences.

MOEV has developed a system optimized for workplace charging. The MOEV 2.4TM EVSE multiplexer in conjunction with the MOEV Cloud TM software allows four vehicles to charge on a single 240 Volt circuit, saving installation costs and avoiding the need to move vehicles after an hour in many settings. Traditional EVSEs only support one plug per circuit, resulting in underused assets and requiring EV drivers to move the vehicle after a few hours or pay penalties. Our system also permits options to avoid high TOU electricity prices and avoid Demand Charges.


MOEV's VBESS system allows management of tradition microgrid elements (EVSE smart charging, storage and optional solar) and presents an interface to the grid suitable for Demand Response. It also can be configured to support Fast Chargers and avoid the Demand Charge expense that disrupts the business model. This system can usually be retrofitted to installed assets, and provides a software management layer for control of the various energy assetts.



MOEV Inc. is a technology startup based in Los Angeles, California, that is developing smart solutions for managing electric vehicle energy usage within microgrids. The MOEV strategy is to integrate its cloud-hosted platform, distributed algorithmic and Artificial Intelligence based smart charging, power control and management architecture and market-specific mobile apps, to provide a comprehensive solution. Real-time information from the electric utility grid operator or from distributed energy resources such as solar photovoltaics or battery energy storage can be incorporated into MOEV's technology platform to optimize power flows into aggregated electric vehicle loads.  

Microgrid (VBESS)

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